Sweden Foodtech accelerates innovation for the future of food.

As one of the main thought leaders in the Nordic foodtech ecosystem, our team focuses on innovation programs and business development opportunities, sharing specific competencies and diverse backgrounds.

We help entrepreneurs reach their full potential through the
Foodtech Village Community – providing our corporate partners with our expertise in open innovation and emerging technologies; assisting partner VCs with their portfolio startups;  and promoting the Sweden Foodtech scene at home and abroad through events and conferences. We open doors - locally and around the world.

Every year in June we organize the
Sweden Foodtech Big Meet conference, together with one of the biggest food festivals on the planet: SMAKA - Good Food Festival, attracting more than 350.000 visitors and food lovers.


The current food system doesn’t enable consumers to understand what it is they’re eating, and how that affects their own health and our planet. A couple of generations back we lost the connection between man and food, we moved into cities and we stopped being as engaged in food production anymore as we used to be. Moreover, the world population is exponentially growing and we need solutions to properly feed the next generations. Many challenges ahead and a big opportunity in order to face them: foodtech.


Foodtech is the intersection of food and technology; the application and use of technology to improve agriculture and food production, the supply chain, the distribution channels and ultimately consumption. Food innovation also involves the design and development of new food products, the improvement or combination of existing food products, research into food trends and food management. These broad definitions cover a very wide field, from companies using science to improve the yields or composition of produce, to businesses working on reducing time to market and simplifying the supply chain, through to the online marketplaces, delivery services and in-house gadgets in the hands of the consumers.


We are always open to new ideas and collaborations, just email us!

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